Friday, 30 March 2012

Extending the gratitude

I just found out the other day that my blog won a Libster award. Liebster is german for dearest, favorite, or beloved. In order to win this award, a blog must have less than 200 followers and be a favorite of someone else on the interwebs.

I was nominated by an Exuberant friend of mine, Erica Schmidt. A yoga teacher, author, and all around outstanding person. Her most recent book, I let go, is a self help book of immeasurable worth. You can buy it for $2.00, though. Your pelvis will be eternally grateful and spacious, just like Erica's. Her yoga classes are pretty spectacular as well. The Mysore classes on Tuesday and Thursday from 4pm-6pm are especially awesome. If you're from the Halifax area, you should definitely check them out. They take place at the shala, which is right above lululemon. You can get a 3 month unlimited pass for $90, which would give you ample opportunity to take her classes. The jokes are excellent and come free of charge.

I now have to pass the award on to another excellent, though under-followed blog.Without further delay the next recipient of the Liebster award is *drum roll*.

Nicole! Nicole, myself, and our mutual friend Courtney were lab partners in our intro stats course. We had an excellent time rejecting Hos and finding confidence intervals. After mastering these essential life skills, she has since moved to Australia to pursue her masters degree and befriend koalas, kiwi birds, and other exotic wildlife. Feel free to follow her to read about these excellent adventures.

Until the next time.


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