Thursday, 26 April 2012

An end of an era

The spring schedule has finally arrived at the yoga studio that I frequent, and they've definitely made some changes. Mostly making the Monday/Wednesday/Friday classes a little later, and adding some 1 hour classes here and there, but, alas, it has also brought the end of the 4-6 pm Tuesday/Thursday class that I attended regularly.

I've had the full gamut of emotions in this class; from triumphant glory to bitter defeat(though that had more to do with the realization that finishing my masters was a pipe dream than the actual class). Still, the teacher was patient and persistent in her training whenever cheesy jazz music was not being played.

I feel as though I've come a long way in the brief 4 month window in which this class existed. I'm eliminating as much of the hesitation and unnecessary movements as my brain has the capacity to notice and this has helped tremendously.

Perhaps it is fitting, though, that this class ended as soon as I handed in my key to my grad office, informing the powers that be that I will not be finishing my Masters.

If all goes well I will be starting my life outside of school as soon as the new schedule begins. New beginnings are always nice. The warrior's path awaits me, and I am pretty excited to saddle up the windhorse to see where it takes me.

Hopefully my teacher will become a tremendously successful author to make up for the relative lack of led classes to teach. Perhaps MEC will look favorably on her at least.

Anyway, a big thanks goes out to her for tolerating my shenanigans and helping along the way. See you in the weekend classes :)


Monday, 2 April 2012

Alliteration madness

Angry aardvarks are almost always annoyed by bashful beavers. Beavers, being big brilliant blokes, carefully construct curiously crafty creations continuously. Disappointingly, destructive dogs diligently demolish each enthusiastically erected edifice every evening. Fortunately, furry foxes fortuitously fend fiends far from fine fortifications.

Gentle giants' humble homes have increased in illustriousness in July.

Jolly juggernauts jump joyously juggling kitten kettles.

Leaping lemurs love laughing ludicrously loudly.

Many mammals migrate mindlessly, moving meticulously north. Normally, narwhals never nap. Newts nap notoriously. Old Owls ostensibly play plinko perfectly. Perhaps quizzically, queen quails quietly read reports relentlessly. Regal roosters rarely read.

Surreptitiously, Slithering serpents sneakily swallow silly squirrels sometimes. Tragically, tiny turtles trek toward terrible trials.

Unfortunately, unafraid unicorns usurp unprepared Ulstermen unrelentingly until victorious. Vivacious vixens woo wandering warblers westward without xylophones. Xenophobia? Yes. Yet, yellow yetti's yell youthfully; zealous zebras zip zanily.